Sibling Rivalry: Michael Mahendere Being Accused Of Stealing Brother’s Plans

Amos and Michael Mahendere sibling rivalry has sparked a debate on social media over their musical talent.

The two siblings Amos and Michael Mahendere were once part of the famed family gospel music group called Mahendere Brothers with their late father and other siblings.

However, after year’s of blessing people with their heavenly music they later disbanded the group and focused on their own solo careers.

The spotlight was recently cast on their Amos and Michael’s musical careers after it emerged that Amos Mahendere is at loggerheads with his young brother Minister Michael Mahendere.

Amos Mahendere accused his brother Michael for stealing his plans to set up a recording studio and a gospel radio station

…“I feel my young brother is out to destroy and discredit my efforts…” Amos Mahendere told the Daily News

As their rivalry takes centre stage, Zimbabweans have taken to social media to weigh in on who has reigned supreme in the gospel music industry between the two Mahendere brothers. Netizens compared their musical talents as they debated on who is better singer between the two.

Mahendere brother’s sibling rivalry takes centre stage

A section on social media argued that both Amos and Michael Mahendere are equally talented and as such there was no need to compare. Another section however, opined that Amos is a veteran singer and used to be good singer during his prime years but now his young brother is the one that is shining.

Check out some of the reactions;


we can not compare them,the big brother gave us best childhood,the young brother is the new generation, they are both good, the problem is amos gave all his brothers a chance to shine when he was on the peak,i love the young brother but feel like he kinda neglected his big brother,and not including him when he is now shining,i think ku church dzana papa ukandzi pinda ne heart unovenga hama coz dzese vanenge vari varoyi


Mr Amos sings havo but Minister Mahendere’s music carries the annointing. Growing up we used to vibe to this song yainzi “JEHOVHA NDIYE MUFUNZI WANGU, HAPANA CHANDINOSHAIWA” but now we have songs like “Tangai neni”. we really cant compare the too brothers because Mininster now sings zviri international. Mr Amos, never be jealous of your brother. you had your time be happy for your little brother full stop!!


Both are big talents, different generations in music!. They can not be compared …

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