US Gvt To Deport Zimbabwean Cruise Ship Workers Over Migration Risk Concerns

The United States (US) government has reportedly punished Zimbabwean cruise ship workers, stating that they pose a migration risk.

A leaked internal human resources email from the luxury ocean liner, Celebrity Cruises, informed staff members of the directive from the Miami Customs and Border Control officers. The order was effected on 20 February 2023.

The email said Zimbabwean workers are no longer allowed to leave cruise ships once they dock in Miami, Florida, and they must fly back home on the same day. It read:

“Please be advised, as per Miami Customs & Border Protection officers, effective immediately, crew (sic) from Zimbabwe nationality will not be allowed for Shore Leave in the port of Miami, and when disembarking the ship in Miami, they must be safeguarded with flights departing on the same day.

Celebrity Cruises indicated that the directive from Miami immigration authorities was because Zimbabweans were fleeing inland after docking for leave at various destinations:

“[The] Reason for these restrictions is, lately, there has been a significant increase in deserting Zimbabwe crew from multiple cruise lines. We regret the impact of these restrictions to [sic] you and expect your kind understanding & corporation. Thank you.”

Lately, there has been a surge in the number of Zimbabweans hunting for better job prospects on cruise ships from countries like the United Kingdom, United States and the Caribbean, Zimbabwe Mail reports.


Zimbabwean Cruise Ship Workers
US Government Punishes Zimbabwean Cruise Ship Workers Over Migration Risk Concerns [Image: Cruise Ship Jobs]


A group of Zimbabweans even set up a company that helps people get cruise ships jobs, and it would recruit about 100 people daily as of November 2022, the publication revealed.

Last November, hordes of people were reportedly duped that the Italian line MSC Cruises was recruiting people at a local hotel in Harare.

Locals who join cruise ship crews become housekeepers, laundry workers, waitresses and bartenders. A 2019 Business Insider article revealed that Norwegian Cruise Line paid their staff an average salary of about US$1 700.

Cruise Critic reports that a single cruise can take over 250 days at sea.


  1. This nation has destroyed South Africa to its best. I’ve joined one of their group chats without being aware that it’s a group chat only and for Zimbabwean’s and Zimbabweans who reside in South Africa. The group chat is for cruise ship employment, and they always give each other some tips that “IF YOU’RE A ZIMABWEAN, DO NOT INDICATE IN YOUR VISA APPLICATION THAT YOU GOT YOUR EXPERIENCE FROM ZIMBABWE or YOU ARE A ZIMBABWEAN. Instead, they state and claim that they’ve gained experience from South Africa so you can get easily accepted”. They find a way to sneak into South African borders and claim that they are South Africans or that they have lived in South Africa for certain time. That’s how they roll. Should one get access to something, you’ll see thousands of them in a blink of an eye whether legal or illegal. I remember the cruise ship crew recruitment took place in South Africa last year and the venue got packed with them, even those who are not local found a way to jump borders just so they could submit their applications. One mentioned in a group chat that he was rejected when he submits, so he went right back to join the line and they took his CV the second time he submitted. Us South Africans get opportunities, and it gets disturbed by these nations. That’s not all. I can write a book about what I’ve encountered in that group chat.

    1. Well if you South Africans were smart and hard working maybe you could also make plans to get jobs it’s not like we stealing or killing each other like ya’ll do in your country , Zimbabwean people are hard working people not lazy killers and robbers. Those so called groups are there to help each other not to scam people of their money or anything so yah , you can write a book all you want but the truth is South Africans are lazy and they are always finding a way to blame it on someone else oh it’s Nigerians , Zimbabweans etc that are stealing our jobs if you were hard working employers would be choosing you but ya’ll are lazy and all about the booze hence you don’t get jobs.

    2. What about documents after claiming south africa experience. There is nothing particularly interesting for employers to employ south african over other africans. We are all blacks trying to make a living

    3. You are such a joker with no shame at all how can one claim to be a south African when your passport states that you are a zimbabwean for your own information you get to apply for a job, visa even paying for a flight ticket one has to submit proper documentation so how can one lie that their nationality

    4. We are all Africans I’m sure when the people understand. When you are in the western countries are you AFrican stop hating yourself. This white peoples they don’t care where you coming from as long you are black you just an African. Those even born in America so called Africans Americans. Protect your kind

    5. You pple what exactly your problem? When it’s about Your Satafrika you always say makwerekwere are stealing your jobs, now they try to leave you with your country alone alone you still have problem again so what exactly do you want you lazy pple come maan your comments shows something is wrong with your reasoning capacity that’s very low sies.

      Why can’t you find a way and join those Zimbabweans to have a better life travell the world Baba make a living don’t just be a Zimbabwean follower to bad mouth them follow them and make a living 👌

    6. The fact that one got rejected the first time and rejoined the long queue and got admitted shows a great deal of patience and the adage if not giving up…stop being a cry baby and grow some balls mate

  2. you just hate Zimbabweans because they are opportunity grabbers. Where will be your South African brothers and sisters when recruitment is taking place? They will busy sniffing nyaope and drinking Savannah. They a job will go to their door step. Big up Zimbabweans for striving to better your lives.

  3. Let me tell you something, the reason why Zimbabwean are running away is because you people are stingy imagine paying a housekeeping $609 a month don’t you think its a bit too much for someone without off days, I’m not talking about the 2 months off you give after 4,6,or 9 months contract. You guys you’re inconsiderate and you don’t value people, just imagine if you where the ones getting that 609 what can you really do with it. People tend to sign those contracts cause they are desperate to survive, so after a month or so of working in the cruise they realize that they are not getting enough money compared to the job they do that’s why they are now running away, before you blame someone think of what caused them to run away and try and find the solution to the problem.

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