Its a lie – David Coltart Refutes Jacob Mafume’s CCC Party Treasurer General Claim

Its a lie – David Coltart Refutes Jacob Mafume’s CCC Party Treasurer General Claim – Harare Mayor, also spokesperson of the other CCC faction Jacob Mafume, claimed that David Coltart is the secretary general of the CCC party, during a recent interview with veteran journalist, Dhara Blessed Mhlanga from HSTV.

However, Coltart, who is also the current Mayor of Bulawayo, has distanced himself from Mafume’s claim and denied any current involvement with the CCC party as treasurer general.

In a statement released on X, Coltart expressed his denial of Mafume’s allegation and asserted that he no longer has any affiliation or knowledge of the party’s current leadership as treasurer general, despite his previous involvement.

“That is news to me. I ceased being Treasurer General ages ago. As I wrote in my statement recently I refuse to be drawn into any zero sum game. The future of Zimbabwe depends on all genuine democrats finding each other and working jointly to defeat tyranny,” replied Coltart after questioned about his involvement as Secretary General.

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Mafume had used the HSTV platform to discuss the CCC party’s policies and future plans, including their commitment to addressing issues such as unemployment, corruption, and poverty, before he claimed Coltart’s leadership role.

Coltart’s response, however, suggests the need for clarification on the party’s current leadership as Mafume’s claims have come under scrutiny. It remains unclear how he reached his conclusion and Coltart’s denial indicates a significant disagreement between the two politicians.

Netizens have shared various responses, and it remains to be seen how Jacob Mafume and the CCC party will react to Coltart’s denial and what implications it may have for the party’s future. It is a reminder of the significance of accurate and reliable information in political discourse in avoiding misunderstandings that can cause confusion and affect political affiliations.



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  1. Coltart was treasurer general of Mdc-a , who did he hand over the party funds to when the name changed to CCC ? Coltart may cause a recall ? These dull opposition lawyers of the opposition .

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