Girl Causes Commotion With Loud Moans In Boys Hostel

A young girl who visited her lover at a campus hostel for an afternoon s*x marathon, was made to have a walk of shame after guys in the apartment were disturbed with her loud moans during intercourse.


The girl pictured below had to endure the indignity of riotously being cheered and praised by a crowd of rowdy college school mates as she made a ‘walk of shame’ from a male students’ hostel where she had allegedly gone for an afternoon s*x romp.


According to multiple reports that made rounds in Zimbabwe, the young lady had visited a campus student who subjected her to a ‘bedroom marathon’ that saw her enjoy and moan so loudly that she attracted the attention of male students in neighbouring rooms.


Some of the students applauded her for what they called ‘great service delivery’ and urged her to be visiting more often. To them, she was a great source of entertainment, or so they thought.


While the ‘amorous congress’ went on, the young men gathered one by one outside the room where the noises were emanating from. All of sudden, a huge crowd had formed, bringing business at the establishment to a halt.


Curious about who the lady was, they waited in awe for her to emerge and burst into cheers and taunts immediately she stepped out of the room.


The lady was escorted out of the hostel by a cheering crowd, as some took photos and recorded videos of her‘walk of shame’.. Naira Land



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