Netizens Reacts To The Egyptian Govt Asking Citizens to Start Eating Chicken Feet: “Welcome to Africa”

The recent news that the Egyptian government has called on its citizens to start making chicken feet a staple in their diet has left South Africans in stitches.

Africa Zone Facts tweeted that Egypt’s government urged citizens to start eating chicken feet because the country finds itself in a tough economic situation and chicken has become expensive.

According to BusinessInsider Africa, the country’s National Institution for Nutrition asked citizens to eat chicken feet because it is the cheapest meat item. The inflation rate has skyrocketed and the cost of food has also become pricier.

Egyptians are said to be furious about the suggestion because they see chicken feet as a sign of extreme poverty. Egypt seems to be in an extreme cycle of borrowing funds from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Gulf Arab allies.

According to CNN, Egypt’s current debt to the IMF amounts to 85.6% of the size of its economy.

The Covid-19 pandemic also had a huge impact on the country’s economy, which saw a withdrawal of $20 billion (R343 billion) in investments. A similar amount was lost as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In December, the IMF handed Egpyt another bailout loan of $3 billion (R51 billion), plunging the country into further debt. Egypt’s currency has also lost close to half of its value as a result of its economic crisis.

South Africans react to Egyptians being asked to eat chicken feet

@PhilaniMhlongo_ said:

“And with all the infrastructure being built in Egypt, I thought they are doing very well.”

@hotshotcreative said:

“Export them. Chicken feet are a delicacy in South Africa.”

@_Trey_not_Songz said:

“Who is eating the chicken might I ask? They can’t be slaughtering a chicken for chicken feet only.”

@SimthembileMab3 said:

“This must be a joke. You need a full chicken to get feet. So, what happens to the meat of a chicken if they have a shortage of chicken or am I missing something here?

”  @KingJoeLaw1 said:

“In South Africa, chicken feet are a delicacy.”

@DuchessWakanda said:

“That’s not a poverty meal! It’s elite here at home. Add chicken necks, gizzards, chicken livers, chicken heads, chicken intestines…”

@Ashante_Parker said:

“If they claim to be Africans from Africa I don’t see anything wrong with this adaptation of eating chicken feet, South Africa has been leading in that department for too long so Pharaoh & his children can join the train.”

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