Zimbabwean Artist Xander Prat Partners SA Tech CEO

A Zimbabwean artiste, Xander Prat has launched a Nomadhood in Africa platform in partnership with South African tech expert , Thandile Fikeni also CEO of WIB Group.

The Platform is the first for digital nomads to digitally experience Africa through first-hand community experiences, experiencing not only tourist places but also secret destinations for the next generation traveller.

Prat and announced the development on the sidelines of Russia’s 8th Eastern Economic Forum, which is now underway, through participation in the Friends for Leadership network of next-generation leaders and entrepreneurs created by Roman Chukov.

Pratt is a multidimensional Zimbabwean musician, fashion designer, creative director.

He is also an exhibiting artist who was originally living in Melbourne, Australia, but is now based in Morocco.

“Art is a universal language, and with the power of technology, we can bring the power back to the global south, through tourism, culture and arts,” said Prat.

Fikeni is based in Johannesburg and owns WIB Group, a technology company that creates digital solutions to problems in the healthcare, public transportation, and security sectors.

WIB Group is currently focusing on digitising municipal and healthcare services in Southern Africa.

The two are now collaborating to promote Africa through the metaverse, saying that they will play a crucial role in unlocking the technology’s potential and empowering the continent.

Fikeni said the collaboration will empower businesses, foster innovation, and position Africa as a powerful participant on the world arena.

“The need for digitisation in Africa is not merely a choice; it is an imperative.

“It is our job to harness the potential of our rich and diverse continent for the benefit of all,” he said.

Fikeni said Africans should move forward with determination, knowing that they too have the power to change things.

“We can ensure that Africa not only joins but thrives in the digital era, realising its full potential and securing a brighter future for all through collaborative action, innovation, and a dedication to progress,” he said.

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