Wife Turns Into Man In The Bedroom – Husband Complains

A resident of Chimanimani, Gibson Kufandada, alleges that his wife adopts a male persona when they enter their marital bedroom. According to Kufandada, his wife, Rumbidzai Ngomana, experiences a hoarse voice and resists his advances when he attempts intimacy. She questions why Kufandada seems to be pursuing another man (Ngomana) instead.

Kufandada claims that their ten-year marriage has been plagued by this peculiar behavior, which only manifests within the confines of their bedroom. He expressed confusion and described his wife’s behavior as otherworldly, as she transforms into an entirely different person upon entering the bedroom. Even her voice deepens, taking on an intimidating male tone. Despite enduring these circumstances, Kufandada continues to share the bedroom with her.

This revelation occurred during a hearing at Acting Chief Saurombe’s court, where Kufandada sought resolution by involving his in-laws, the Mushanguris.

Kufandada explained, “When she is possessed, she claims to be someone called Mushanguri Wedota. That is why I have brought her late mother’s family to this court. I want them to assist my wife so that we can restore our love. I am even afraid to be alone with my wife because the ‘man’ possessing her does not want me near her.”

Ngomana admitted that she frequently loses consciousness upon entering the marital bedroom, only to awaken the following morning. She expressed the need for assistance, as her actions have been adversely affecting her marriage, with her husband and children growing fearful of her erratic behavior.

However, the Mushanguri family distanced themselves from the situation, asserting that whatever was afflicting Ngomana had no connection to them, as she was not related to their family by blood. Shepherd Mushanguri clarified, “Rumbidzai is not a member of the Mushanguri family. Her mother was also not a member of our family.”

A white garment prophetess, Mai Chijuba, suggested that Kufandada’s problems began after he paid lobola (bride price) to the Mushanguris. According to her, the Mushanguris misappropriated this money to cast unwanted spirits and goblins onto Ngomana, even though she was not related to them. Kufandada recalled, “It all started a few years ago when I paid US$150 as lobola to Noah Mushanguri, Rumbidzai’s step-grandfather. Since then, our relationship has never been the same.”

Gogo Mushanguri, Noah Mushanguri’s widow, professed ignorance regarding the lobola payment, stating, “My husband went with that secret to his grave. Had I known, I would not have allowed it because we did not know Rumbidzai’s father.”

Acting Chief Saurombe ordered the Mushanguri family to repay the US$150 lobola to Gogo Mushanguri, who would, in turn, pass the money to her brothers. He also insisted on the urgent exorcism of any malevolent spirits affecting Ngomana, given her upbringing by the Ngomana family.

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