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Romantically-linked business partners in court

A HARARE woman yesterday approached the civil court seeking a protection order against her alleged ex-lover and business partner, accusing him of forcing her into a s€xual relationship.


Shylet Kushaya told Harare magistrate Sharon Mashavira that Peter Motsi was her business partner before they started a sexual relationship.


She, however, told the court that the relationship soured after Motsi started demanding intimacy and for them to co-habit.


“We first met as business partners and we would go together to Mazowe to sell different products. I insisted that we stay at our different places during the course of our relationship because I wanted to know him more, but later on, he started nagging me for s£x and demanding that I move in with him,” Kushaya said.


She told the court that Motsi became abus¡ve after she snubbed his advances.


“He went to the police and made false allegations against me that I stole his money leading to my arr£st,” she said.


Kushaya admitted to the charges after Motsi lied that he had bribed the magistrate.


“I only admitted to stealing his money because just before our court hearing, he told me that he had paid US$25 to the magistrate to release me, urging me to admit to the charge,” she said.

Motsi, however, denied the allegations, adding that he had given Kushaya maize worth US$15 on credit, but she refused to pay and he caused her arr€st.


Mashavira dismissed Kushaya’s application for lack of merit. Newsday


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