Nox’ Wife Salivating Over DJ Levels’ Bedroom Tools

Popular musician Enock “Nox” Guni’s wife was caught adoring Chillspot Records co-founder DJ Levels’ bedroom tools in a development that has plunged her partner into shame.

This comes after Levels became an overnight ladies’ man as women marvelled at his manhood size when his nude pictures leaked a few weeks ago.

Commenting on Levels’ latest post on Instagram, which was captioned, “God continue to bless me, Nekundinzvengesa.”  Tallyn said; “Mwari haangambotadza kukunzvengesai bamunini makatakura hukoshwa mune chipo (God will never forsake you because you carry something important, you have a gift).”

”Her comment had social media users having a good laugh at her husband, who once had his nudes leaked but failed to impress women with his size.

mr_belz_c4g @tallyn_ndudzo_official

makutoidaka ya levels 😂🤣 makatiza ma Dora Kuna Nox

mikewell_rwambiwa @tallyn_ndudzo_official kwete zva Nox

kenny_hazard10 @tallyn_ndudzo_official Nox ane dora kaaaa

Meanwhile, last month, Nox and Tallyn confirmed that they had gotten back together after the latter shared their pictures captioned;  TADZOKERA KUMBA

😜  Her fans were happy to hear the news, and some commented;

Felicidade Lino Piloto

Shame I’m really happy for you tallyn, power of love .  Kwete kungoti ndiri muroora wekuswaziland kunge munhu asina kukwana.🤣🤣🤣🤣uri wekuzaka iwe

Cynthia Munyaradzi

Chinonzi rega ndoo chiri mumaoko chiri mumoyo unofa nacho .Ndoo paunoona kuti chinhu chinonzi rudo kaa ma1 this is beautiful 🥰❤️💞 wagona hako muroora wedu wadzoka kumba

Linda Memory Chikowore

Ndopaya patinenge tichiti musafukure hapwa, nekuti kwekupedzisira rudo runozongowinner haro❤️❤️❤️.. Congrats guys.   Ndudzo had earlier confirmed their break up in a three-hour live video on Facebook.

She went on a rant about how she suffered in her marriage to Nox, even confessing that she had contemplated suicide at one point.

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