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Man Loses Front Teeth After Fighting At Nightclub

WHILE Silver Majachani (32) was having a nice time at one of the drinking spots situated in the city centre two men violently dragged him out of the night spot and clobbered him claiming he had stolen their cellphone.

Majachani will live to curse the day when Raymond Mkwananzi (40) and Surprise Ndlovu (29) teamed up and pulled him out of the night spot which is situated between 11th and 12th avenues along Fife Street before they brutally assaulted him.

A source close to Majachani said: “While he was having one too many with his friends Mkhwananzi and Ndlovu stormed into the night spot and walked to where he was sitting and grabbed him before they violently pulled him out of the night club.”

When they were outside they took turns to thrash him with a sjambok and kicked him while demanding their cellphone.

“They kicked him all over the body and in the mouth causing him to bleed excessively. They spent about twenty minutes assaulting him. One of Majachani’s friends rushed to Bulawayo Central Police Station and reported the incident.

Police dashed to the scene and found the two still attacking Majachani while he was rolling on the ground crying for help. They hand-cuffed the pair before taking them to the police station leading to their arrest,” said the source.

Majachani was rushed to Mpilo Central Hospital for medical attention where it was discovered that two of his teeth had broken while the other three were left shaking, said the source.

One of the regular patrons at the night club laid blame on laxity of security at the night spot.

“Our lives at this night club are at risk. How can a client be violently dragged out of the night club in full glare of the security team?

“As patrons we are not protected at this place and such an incident cannot happen in other night clubs,” the patron fumed before advising the club management to beef up security.


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