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Jailed Mai TT Expresses Joy After Meeting Fans, Apologises To Victim

Socialite Felistas Murata, popularly known as Mai TT, has revealed how happy she was to fan greet at Agricultural Show in Harare.

She thanked her business supporters and further apologized to the victim for the inconvenience she caused lately for her to end up in prison.

Posting on her socials she had this to say;

“Hey guys I hope you’re good,I was happy to see some of you at the Agricultural Show.I would like to thank you all for this unwavering support & the love you show me honestly I’m in awe.I would like to extend my gratitude for the support you are giving me in my new found business.I heard after the live many bags were purchased and im forever thankful.Those who bought previously thank you for your support.To those who can’t afford to buy just your prayers and support is enough for me thank you.

I will never justify myself for what I did that led me here all i can do is to apologise to everyone i wronged.People i owe in our groups, im truly sorry you know I was there to empower you not to let you down.Some of you have houses and cars through our groups and i thank God for that.I will continue working hard to repay everyone that’s why even in prison im grabbing all opportunities of learning new business ideas.I also want to apologise to Racheal for the mishap, she trusted me whole heartedly she was a good friend in business and everything i’m sorry.Loosing a friend like you is something I regret.I apologise to everyone please find it in your heart to forgive me.

I would like to say a big thank you to Wasu for the great job that he is doing and also my friend mai Maketeni.Mum,Dad,siblings & my family I cannot thank you enough for your love&support.To the love of my life eish i run out of words all I can say is you are my strength your unconditional love fills my life with stability.My UK sisters i see you i may not have mentioned you by name but thank you so much for your love and support.To all my fans I love you and I appreciate you guys please keep supporting.

Definitely this is not the end of me but the beginning of God’s miraculous works in my life.I will come out stronger and wiser.I had to pass through this phase to be redefined.A new me is on the way,again to my fans thank you for the love.I love you all irregardless of your wealth and status.God bless you all until we meet again bye for now, keep praying for me.Cat family ahoyi!!”


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