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Domboshawa man convicted after attempting to kill aunt over witchcraft allegations

A Domboshawa man, Mica Jacob, 37, has admitted to trying to k¡ll his aunt over witchcraft allegations.


Jacob of Mica Village, Chinamora was however charged with malicious damage to property charges after his aunt escaped unhurt.


He pleaded gu¡lty when he appeared before Magistrate Ethel Chichera and now awaits his sentencing.


His 75-year-old aunt, Brandina Paraziva escaped d£ath by a whisker after he stormed her home accusing her of “eating” his unborn son before he set her hut on fire.


Paraziva sought refuge at their village head after escaping from her charging relative.


The State, represented by Ruvimbo Matyatya said on Oct 20, around 2215 hours the accused approached the complainant’s homestead before he broke the wooden door to her hut with an unknown object.


The complainant panicked and woke up.


Jacob then told her that he wanted to burn down her hut further accusing her of being a witch.


“The accused replied that it was Mica Jacob who wanted to burn down the hut claiming that the complainant was a witch who had killed his son in his wife’s womb,” said prosecutors.


The court further heard that Jacob went in to set the house ablaze and destroyed plates, iron axes, plastic buckets and a hoe that was inside the room.


Paraziva later reported the matter leading to Jacob’s arrest.


The estimated value of the damage is US$400. New Zimbabwe

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