World’s Luckiest Man Wakes Up To Discover He Slept Next To Deadly Cobra

A man had an unlikely partner in his tent as he was joined by a venomous snake who he spent all night with.

Dacha, from the northern province of Phitsanulok province in eastern Thailand, posted the stunning images on Facebook of a snake escaping from the tent in the morning.

Many users who saw Dacha’s post has identified the snake as a Siamese spitting cobra who managed to slip away when he dissembled the tent slithering out of the tent at the Dok Krai reservoir in Rayong province.

His Facebook post stated: “It’s almost gone. I suspect that it slept with me all night. I just saw it as I took down the tent this morning.”

Dacha was notified by users that the cobra’s bite can easily be fatal to a human and in some cases, doesn’t even need to bite to kill.

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