Groom Arrives For His Marriage Procession In A Four-wheeler: Pictures

In an innovative way to arrive for his marriage procession preceding the wedding, a groom in Gujarat’s Navsari district bucking the trend of using a car or a horse rather decided to board a JCB with his associates on both sides.

He said he wanted to do something different and got the idea from Social Media. The JCB used for the procession can be seen decorated with flowers and a colourful white and dark blue cloth draped, covering the front of the JCB vehicle with the groom sitting in the beefy bucket of the JCB machine in the front flanked by his associates.

The groom said, “Many people take their marriage procession in big and expensive cars. I wanted to do something different and that is the reason why we came on a JCB. We had also seen it on Youtube.”

A lady attending the wedding stated, “When I saw the JCB’s decoration, I thought it was amazing. I felt nice. Everybody was thinking these people have come up with something new.”

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