Beans seller with big hips & backside goes viral on TikTok, netizens ask for location

A curvaceous gobɛ seller has come into the limelight after a video of her circulated on social media. The footage was shot by a young man who visited the gobɛ seller’s stall to purchase food.

The video, posted on the young man’s TikTok page, quickly gained traction as netizens were drawn to the beauty of the vendor. Praising the exceptional quality of the beans, the young man who shared the video unintentionally sparked a frenzy, with netizens expressing curiosity about the whereabouts of the plantain and beans stall.

The man revealed that the location of the gobɛ joint was Kumasi Pankrono, Roman School Park. Many folks, especially men, were eager to meet the pretty lady and purchase her beans. Yen.com




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