Nyaradzo Distributing Apolojerseys To Clients Who Participated In Anti-Nyaradzo Campaign

Funeral service giant, Nyaradzo Life Assurance has risen from the ashes of a public relations disaster after the company traced one of its clients who partook in the anti-Nyaradzo campaign which took centre stage in recent weeks.

In the campaign, Nyaradzo funeral policy subscribers shared terrible experiences they endured at the hands of the company, a development that made enough waves to grab the attention of regulatory institutions in the trade.

However, one Farai Paruwani was forced to apologise after Nyaradzo busted him for lying that he was ill-treated when his child died, despite 15 years of loyalty.

In a letter addressed to him from Nyaradzo general manager Patrick Mhuka, Paruwani was asked to clarify his utterances.

“We write to seek confirmation and clarity on a statement you posted on your facebook page to the effect that Nyaradzo Life Assurance had repudiated a claim on your policy number SCPK487327 after you had made premium contributions for 15 years.

To quote you stated, – I was a loyal Nyaradzo client for 15 years and my son got sick defaulted for 3 months and they refused to bury. I was paying USD19.80 per month and lost USD3564, I negotiated to pay for the 3 months and asked them to even add penalty fees and they flatly refused with evidence in front of them on why and how I failed to pay for the 3 months, Such level of inhumanity. something I will never forgive them for there is no “Sahwira” like that, and in your statement stop saying you are there during difficult times, just stop it, You are only there when my pocket is full!! – We kindly request that you confirm the truthfulness of this statement by providing us with evidence to that effect because what we have on our records tells a different story. Looking forward to your valuable feedback and assistance in putting this matter to rest.

In response, Paruwani did not worst time to apologise writing;  Dear Mr. Mhuka…  I am writing in response to your letter dated 23 October 2022 in which the above matter refers. After going through my personal records against the records I was furnished with by your organisation, I realised what I have is wrong. I, therefore, want to sincerely apologise for this error on my part and I have since withdrawn my statement from Facebook. Very sorry Sahwira!

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