Zimbabweans Trash Passion Java’s Ginimbi-Wannabe Birthday Party

Social media users have trashed controversial socialite Passion Java’s birthday party celebrations that were held last night in the capital.

Java was celebrating his 35th birthday.

Although he invited a couple of public figures to help light up the event, social media users could not help but remember the late flamboyant businessman, Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s all-white birthday celebrations.

Many had anticipated that Java would surpass Ginimbi’s all-white-parties considering that he always paraded himself richer than the latter.

But impressions on social media suggest that the nation was not impressed?

kingchoxxy  ANOTHER REASON WHY GINIMBI WAS BETTER THAN PANGY  papichulo_weezy  Deep down we all miss ginimbi all white party

monty_vy  Loll decor please tipeiwo maserious. We have kids vakuita decor inotyisa kunze uko. Please give young generation mikana abeg. Decor kunge mbira dzadhikondo kudaro. Gaya pana DJ all the cables are showing what if munhu akadonha. Aiiii this is so embarrassing.

stizzy_that_guy  Haaaaa uku kukubhowa uku…I feel like everyone there is just forcing things😩😩ndabva ndafunga hangu pa All white party aboss G😢  cathymaibubu  Ana dj Tira varikusvotwa sei, havana kujaira zvakadai…vanhu vanenge vamanikidzwa…ana jah vatldzamara kuenda 😂😂😮

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