WATCH: “When last I save laidis” – Nigerian lady’s amazing piggy bank savings goes viral

A video of a Nigerian woman who had cracked open her piggy bank to reveal the huge amount of money she had saved up in it captured the attention of many netizens.


The woman had been diligently saving some money every day in the box for a long time, and she was finally ready to reap the fruits of her discipline.


The video showed her happily counting the stacks of cash and showing off her wealth with pride and joy.


Many people were impressed by her savings habit and congratulated her on her achievement.

Watch the video below:


Meanwhile, earlier reported that a TikTok lady has broken her piggy bank after patiently saving money in it for many months.


The TikToker named Innocentia Olisa said she started dropping money in the rectangular home bank in 2021.


In the short clip, she said her heart was pounding because many people have reported missing money in piggy banks in recent times.


In another related story, reported that a lady was filled with excitement as she broke her piggy box after months of saving.


A heartwarming clip shared via the popular app, TikTok, captured the moment she broke the box to reveal the huge wads of cash she had saved up.


She screamed in the video to express her amazement over how much she had saved over a few months. Legit



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