Passenger stones bus over $1

Police in Matabeleland North have arrested a man from Nzovunde area under Chief Saba in Binga for allegedly stoning a Stallion Cruise bus window yesterday


According to police Washington Mungombe (24) was seemingly drunk by the time he went wild.


Circumstances are that Mungombe boarded a Stallion Cruise bus at Makunku Business Centre bus stop. He was then asked to pay $1 bus fare and he told Lovemore Munyekeza who is a bus conductor that he has $100 USD note.


Munyekeza then told him that he has no change for that much. This then sparked a serious argument between the two until one of the passengers paid the one dollar bus fare.


This did not go well with Washington who then decided to pick up a stone and hit the bus door window leaving a serious shuttered screen.


The young boy went on to assault Bornwell Muleya who is the driver together with Lovemore Munyekeza the bus conductor.


He bit the driver once on his right side breast and stabbed the conductor once on his right hand using an okapi knife.


One of his acomplice who was only identified as William also from Nzovunde area appeared from the bush, grabbed the knife and fled the scene.


Police are investigating the whereabouts of William whilst Mungombe is expected to appear before Hwange magistrate court on Friday for two counts of assault and Malicious damage to property. The value of damage is $210 USD. B 24


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