MHERE CHEATS DEATH. . . Gospel star involved in accident

MATHIAS Mhere had a close shave with death over the weekend when he was involved in an accident, 40 kilometres outside Bulawayo, on his way to a show.

The 34-year-old, who is nursing back and chest pains, still managed to proceed to the show.

On Sunday, he performed at the Harare Gardens during the Winter Warmer Show headlined by Alick Macheso.

Mhere told the enthusiastic crowd that we were lucky to be alive after he cheated death by a whisker.

In an interview with H-Metro, after his performance, Mhere believes God still loves him and that was the only reason he was still alive.

“I think our kombi driver was dozing but we were lucky that he managed to control the vehicle when it side swapped the rails of a bridge, some 40 kilometers after Bulawayo.

“We were thrown all over inside the kombi but we are grateful to God that we are still alive.

“The bass guitarist is the one who was badly injured but we are really supporting him to get medication,” he said.

Mhere urged drivers to be cautious on the roads to save lives.

“We need to be cautious on the roads because a fatal accident can happen in a split second.

“That is the reason why it is called an accident,” he said.

Despite the trauma, Mhere put on a polished performance at Harare Gardens.

He shared the stage with Alick Macheso, Pitshou Lumiere’s Diamond Musica, Dorcas Moyo and wheel-spinner, Tanaman.


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