Liverpool and Chelsea gear up for their final face off

Liverpool and Chelsea gear up for their final face off.  Chelsea and Liverpool have both undergone significant rebuilds in the last couple of years, with drastically different results. Liverpool are currently battling for a quadruple and sit atop the Premier League, while Chelsea languish in 10th place going into Sunday’s EFL Cup final.

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Pochettino appealed to match officials

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino has urged the officials in the upcoming final to be fair, stating that he does not want his team’s task made any harder by forces out of their control. He referenced Chelsea being denied two penalties when they lost 4-1 to Liverpool at Anfield last month, stating that he wants his side to be treated fairly. Pochettino stated that Liverpool will be favourites going into the final due to their past experiences in such situations.

Klopp’s final trophy

Klopp announced that he will be leaving Liverpool at the end of the current season, meaning Sunday’s final at Wembley presents an opportunity to sign off with at least one trophy, as Liverpool continue to challenge in four competitions. Pochettino bemoaned several decisions in Chelsea’s 4-1 defeat at Anfield on 31st January, including a missed penalty appeal. When asked whether Liverpool or Klopp would feel any extra pressure to perform given the news of his departure, Pochettino responded that he does not feel there is any pressure on Klopp. Instead, he said that he wants to make sure that both teams are competing fairly and without any undue pressure.

Pochettino affirmed his admiration for Klopp and Liverpool as he prepares to meet them at Wembley, stating that he hopes that both teams can be seen in equal regard. He added that he wants Chelsea to win because of Chelsea, and not to spoil any kind of leaving party for Klopp. Finally, Pochettino stated that Thiago Silva “has a chance” to be fit for Sunday’s game as he battles to overcome a groin injury.


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