Guardiola wary of underestimating Manchester United despite dominance

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola is preparing his team for a tough challenge against Manchester United in Sunday’s derby, despite City being heavy favorites.

While City boasts a winning record against United in recent meetings and holds a significant points lead in the Premier League, Guardiola emphasizes that he expects their best. He acknowledges the respect he has for United’s history, manager Erik ten Hag, and the players.

Guardiola highlights the dangers United still possesses, pointing to their ability to create scoring opportunities through set pieces, transitions, and individual play. He acknowledges their recent form, noting their sole home defeat this year came against Fulham just last week.

When asked about the perceived shift in power in Manchester, Guardiola reflects on the historical dominance of different teams over the years, including Liverpool in the 1980s and United in the 1990s. He acknowledges the challenge of maintaining long-term dominance but expresses his team’s desire to continue their successful run.


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