Enzo Ishall Claims He Is The Best Hiphop Artiste In Zimbabwe

Award winning Zimdancehall chanter, Enzo Ishall is claiming that he  has proved to be the best hip-hop artiste in the land beyond doubt.

Enzo made the remarks in a a video clip, a teaser to his interview on DennyJ Show, currently making rounds post.

His argument is that when he released his first hip-hop song, it only took him half a day to reach number 1 on YouTube trends list.

“I’m the best hip-hop artiste in Zimbabwe, when I released a hip-hop song it only took me 12 hours to hit number one on trends list, something hip-hop artistes have and will never achieve,” he said.

But his remarks have been met with mixed emotions;

Nigel M Mxegi  Thank you Holy!!!! Hameno kuti arikushandisa criteria ipi. Music inodawo knowledge inodawo kuziva 1 or 2 things haungati you’re a hiphop artist neSong 1 chete. Kutoratidza kudhakwa ikoko mukoma

Oswald Chamwaura  Ndiyo hip-hop yachohere yaunoimba nhai Enzo

Simbarashe Chibebe  Kuda kurwisa Hip hop simply shows kut zimdanchehall yapera hayo  hooksmith  You had bigger numbers than him and the rest of Zim Hip Hop at the time , so he can’t control that.Chero iye Holy Ten akaita kark Dancehall song nhasi anongobreakawo record reku dancehall cause he’s well established now and he has all the attention dancehall lacks now it’s not like song inenge ichinyanya kunakidza and stuff.

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