15 year old boy kills self after being accused of misconduct

Kriel High School learner Bafana Sithole hanged himself with his tie in a Classroom after A girl accused him of Raping her.

He Hanged himself then later on the girl claimed ukuthi “SHE JUST WAS KIDDING.”

Shadhaya had this to say:

A 15yr old boy just commited su!cide after he was accused of rap£ by a schoolmate who later confessed she was joking. Yeah, a young life is lost & guess what, life goes on, no consequences whatsoever for the false accuser.

But we’re made to believe this is an equal society…  Ask yourself why did this boy decide to £nd his life even when he knew he was innocent? Because our society believes wom£n not facts when it concerns rap£.

And anyone who suggests otherwise is termed a rap£ apologist.

The boy knew his life was over the moment he was accused of itHe knew what awaited him was humiliation & suffering of the highest order.

Even if he was to escape a jail term based on his age, he couldn’t escape the stigma that would haunt him in society as he’d be reffered to as a rap!st.

This isn’t an isolated case, many men can relate…

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