‘Zodwa Wabantu 2.0?’ Nadia Nakai’s CottonFest Performance Outfit Raises Eyebrows

South African artist Nadia Nakai’s recent fashion choice during her appearance at CottonFest stirred up quite a commotion among fans. The girlfriend of the late rapper AKA graced the stage in Cape Town over the weekend, joining a star-studded lineup that included Nasty C, Moozlie, and Youngsta CPT.
Nadia Nakai’s Daring Wardrobe Choice Raises Eyebrows

On the 25th of November, Nadia Nakai delivered a performance that garnered attention, but not necessarily for the right reasons. Sharing a snippet of her act on Instagram, she captioned it with a simple “Was special.”


“The dressing is a no for me.”


“You’re beautiful, but cover your bum!”


“Did I just Zodwa [Wabantu] on stage?”



“Good music, good music, but please dial down on the nudity.”

Amidst the controversy, Nadia Nakai has also been open about her struggle with grief following the untimely death of AKA in February. In a recent media appearance reported by Sunday World, she expressed her feelings of being let down by God after such a tragic event.

“The fact that something so tragic had happened, I felt so let down by God. I had never experienced anything like that ever. It was a shock to my system because his funeral was the first funeral I ever attended.”

Speaking about her emotional well-being, Nakai shared, “I don’t know what the process to heal is. I don’t feel like I’ve healed. I don’t know what that looks like because I’ve never done this before. I am learning as I grow, so I wouldn’t be able to advise anyone navigating grief.”



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