Zimdancehall Stalwart Winky D Gets American Award Nomination

Zimbabwean dancehall king Winky D has been nominated for an award in United States of America in the same category with dancehall legend, Buju Banton.

Winky D’s music has been banned on all state linked radio stations in Zimbabwe after speaking out against repression and corruption in Zimbabwe.

In 2023, Winky D launched his studio album Eureka Eureka, which has angered President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s regime.

Some songs from the album, especially “Ibotso” and “Dzimba Dzemabwe”, provide a hard-hitting commentary on social ills in Zimbabwean society, in particular corruption and the struggles faced by young people.

In response, a pressure group affiliated with the ruling party ZANU–PF called for Winky D’s music to be banned in Zimbabwe.

In March 2023, the Zimbabwe Republic Police shut down a Winky D concert in Chitungwiza just as he began to sing the song “Ibotso” leading to widespread condemnation.

Born Wallace Chirumiko,1 February 1983, Winky D is a Zimbabwean reggae-dancehall artist known popularly as “The Big Man” (stylized as “Di Bigman”).

He is also known as Dancehall Igwe, Gaffa, Ninja President, Proffessor, and Extraterrestrial (stylized as ChiExtra).

Winky D is often considered the Zimdancehall pioneer and one of the most accomplished modern Zimbabwean music artists.

His music provides social commentary about Zimbabwean society.



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