Zimboz Return Home To Cast Their Votes

JOHANNESBURG – Zimbabwean nationals at the Beitbridge border post in Musina in Limpopo, have started making their way to their country ahead of the general elections.

Zimbabwe will hold its general elections on Wednesday.

Those at the Beitbridge border post have expressed mixed reactions about the elections.

Others say they will not be going back home as they don’t see any political change after the elections.

But those already on their way say they are hopeful that the elections will bring about service delivery in the country.

“I feel good that I will be going back home to vote and the person that we are going to vote for will be someone who will bring about change.”

“I do not see the need to vote because even when I do, I don’t gain anything.”

Meanwhile, some international journalists have not been given media accreditation to cover the elections.

An independent NPO that observes elections, Good Governance Africa, was recently kicked out of Zimbabwe, where they were set to research the conditions of Zimbabwean elections.

CEO of Good Governance Africa Chris Moroleng says, “In Zimbabwe, there has been an erosion of the rule of law, and this has been replaced by rule by law. ZANU-PF has used legislative instruments where civil society is limited in a democratic space.”



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