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Zimbabweans Lost More than US$30k from foreign nationals in Facebook Sangoma Fraud

In a shocking case of online fraud, three foreign nationals have been exposed for scamming 58 Zimbabweans out of over US$30,000.

Kimbugwe Ibrah from Zambia, Hillary Ssebunya, and Godfrey Nanasira from Uganda operated under the guise of traditional healers on Facebook, using three different pages – Sekuru Banda, Gamora, and The Great Jenko.

The fraudsters, who entered Zimbabwe in May, lured their victims with promises of curing HIV, reuniting lost lovers, and performing money magic.

To gain credibility, they even registered 10 SIM cards in their names and received payments via InnBucks from the unsuspecting victims.

To convince their victims, the trio would showcase a black trunk filled with traditional regalia, pretending to perform rituals.

They also collaborated with Dennis Mnyega, advertising their services on Facebook and distributing flyers, claiming to possess spiritual powers, magic rings, and magic wallets that could multiply money tenfold.

Stanford Chaka, Miriam Kangaza, and 56 other Zimbabweans fell victim to the scam, sending various amounts of money via InnBucks for HIV/AIDS medicine and money multiplication.

They claimed that they could cure HIV/AIDS within 10 to 16 days after using their concoction

The fraudsters even went as far as calling the victims on WhatsApp, further deceiving them with the display of the black trunk during video calls.

During the investigation, police discovered the black trunk, containing beads, bottles of water, and red and white garbs, in Nanasira’s bedroom.

It was also revealed that the scammers sent a portion of the ill-gotten money to their families back home while using the rest for their expenses in Zimbabwe.

Grace Mugocheke appeared for the State.


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