Zimbabweans Break Record Of Highest Number Of Citizens Fleeing The Country In Africa

ZIMBABWE has recorded the highest number of citizens fleeing the country in Africa, with economic crisis and political instability being the key drivers, a latest research has revealed.

According to a latest study by Southern African Youth Solidarity Network on youth migration in southern Africa, repression of civic activism and poverty has led many Zimbabweans to leave the country.

“The shrinking of civic space has been a growing concern in many parts of the world, and Zimbabwe is no exception,” the report said.

“The country has experienced a significant outflow of its citizens to neighbouring countries incrementally for the past two decades.

“Political factors such as human rights abuses, political instability, and insecurity have also forced many Zimbabweans to leave their country.”

It said economic factors such as poverty, unemployment and low wages had forced many Zimbabweans to seek better economic opportunities in other countries.

The study said there was a need for the government to institute reforms to promote democracy and good governance.

“The government of Zimbabwe should prioritise political reforms that promote democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. This will create a more stable and secure environment for young people, reducing the need to migrate,” the report said.

In 2020, the International Organisation for Migration in a report said Zimbabwe was one of the countries with the highest number of emigrants on the African continent.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees recently cited Zimbabwe as one of the top 10 countries of origin for refugees and asylum-seekers worldwide.


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