Zimbabwean Woman in Disbelief after DNA Results Show Hubby is Father of Child She Denied Him

In a riveting episode of Zimbabwe’s DNA Closure Show, an elderly couple grappled with the revelation that unfolded during a paternity dispute regarding one of their children.


The couple turned to the show to settle the long-standing uncertainty surrounding the fatherhood of their child.


The husband recounted a tumultuous moment in their past when his wife claimed that the child they were raising together was not biologically his.


According to the man, the disagreement arose during an argument over the wife’s desire to return to her home.


In response, he suggested that if she wanted to leave, she should leave their child behind, leading to the shocking assertion that the child was not his.


On the show, the host queried the elderly woman about this claim, to which she vehemently denied ever making such a statement.


However, her husband persisted, recounting the specific instance during the construction of Mr. Chikwira’s house when the alleged statement was made.


To bring clarity to the situation, the couple opted for a DNA test.


The results, dramatically revealed by the show’s host, confirmed a 99.99% probability that the elderly man was indeed the biological father of the child, dispelling the woman’s previous denial.


The woman, visibly shocked and rendered speechless by the results, struggled to come to terms with the revelation.


In contrast, the husband expressed relief that the truth had finally come to light, affirming his unwavering love for the child.


The host further probed into the reasons behind the husband’s initial doubts regarding paternity.


It was disclosed that the wife had previously been in a relationship with a soldier, and the husband cited a one-year gap between that relationship and the commencement of their own.


Additionally, the host raised questions about the husband’s suspicion that the wife had fed another man while he was away on the farm.


The woman denied any knowledge of such an incident, attributing it to the husband’s elder brother seeking water while she was cooking.


The husband, however, remained sceptical, questioning his brother’s intentions.




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