Zimbabwean films Have Potential Of Becoming International: US Based Filmmaker

A United States based documentary and filmmaker Griffin Hammond has praised Zimbabwean film makers saying their energy and passion only needs government support to take the industry far.

In an interview with 263Chat last week, Hammond who was in the country for workshops with journalists and upcoming filmmakers in Harare and Bulawayo applauded the talent and passion exhibited by Zimbabwean filmmakers.

“I have been in the industry for 10 years now and in that time I have gotten older and less energetic and I feel like I have lost some of the hustle that I had earlier on, but being in a room filled with these filmmakers that I have seen and interacted with through the workshop has given me energy and more motivation,” said Hammond.

Griffin who interacted with Zimbabwean filmmakers to see their work for the first time revealed how much great potential the sector has.

“There is not a lot of visibility of Zimbabwean films globally and my primary experience with films and filmmakers here was through the art exchange programme and what I can say is there is a lot of talent here,” Hammond said.

“Most importantly what is needed is more support from the government and less restrictions in some cases, which opens up more artistic possibilities.”  Said Hammond  Hammond is a Panasonic camera brand Ambassador who usually reviews new cameras by the company.

He believes that the Zimbabwean story must be told by locals as they have the connection with a lots of activities happening in their communities.

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