Zimbabwean-Bred Comedian Munya Chawawa’s Surprising Life Before Stardom & Hidden Girlfriend

Funnyman Munya Chawawa is mostly known for his side-splitting viral social media videos poking fun at many of Britain’s issues. And, in the midst of the global pandemic, Chawawa rose to huge fame and brought back smiles through his hilarious skit clips.

Now, following an appearance on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen and ahead of his tour later this year, we’re reminded of Munya’s funny personality and why he became such an online hit. He livened up dull days during lockdown with characters such as Jonny Oliver, a parody of Jamie Oliver, and Unknown P, a posh drill rapper and continues to share hilarious skits on his socials.

Despite the 30-year-old’s rapid rise to fame on several extremely public platforms, boasting millions of fans, Chawawa still maintains some privacy in areas of his life. Especially his love life, as his long-term girlfriend, whom he shares a home with, is largely kept out of the spotlight.

Munya was born on December 39 1992, making him 30 years old – and a Capricorn. He was born in Derby in the UK, but grew up in Zimbabwe. During his younger years, his family returned to the UK, and settled in Norwich, Norfolk where he studied at Notre Dame High School.

Speaking to Patta in 2020 about his roots in Zimbabwe, the TikTok comedian said: “I tell people I’m Zimbabwean because, you know when you just connect with a place so deeply? Growing up in Zimbabwe, people are so positive and so happy you really do believe you can do anything.”

Previously discussing the creation of his famous Unknown P character, Munya said he developed him “as a nod towards the appropriation and false ownership of black culture that often happens in western societies.” He says he’s been doing comedy ‘for years’, but only got his big break during the pandemic. His faux news reports and fire in the booth videos proving to be particular success stories. But his fame didn’t stop on the small screen, thanks to Munya’s massive online presence, he’s also gone onto TV shows such as Taskmaster and Celebrity MasterChef in 2021.


He even fronted his own show titled Munya Chawawa: How to Survive a Dictator, which saw him travel to South Africa to document the life of Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe. Plus, he was cast in Netflix ’s The Sandman as Choronzon.

Munya’s net worth of unclear, but with several major brand deals with huge companies such as mobile phone giants GiffGaff and the streaming site Netflix, he’s expected to be bringing in plenty of money. He’s also signed with Atlantic Records.

Munya studied Psychology at the University of Sheffield and graduated in 2014. Previously addressing his education, he said: “I presented on the red carpet at the BRITs 2014, became a music presenter for PopShack TV and 4Music, and even became the first student in the UK to wear Google Glass to record their graduation.”

He has been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Gaby, who works in music management, for around six years. According to The Guardian, the couple live together, and as per The Evening Standard, she’s been “very patient” with his rapid rise to fame. “I think that’s what’s allowed me to put in the graft now,” he admitted.

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