Zimbabwe Police Advise “Sneaky” Women To Delete WhatsApp Messages To Prevent Domestic Violence

Zimbabwe Police Advise “Sneaky” Women To Delete WhatsApp Messages To Prevent Domestic Violence  The Zimbabwe Republic Police has sparked outrage after it advised women to delete WhatsApp messages and other content on their phones to prevent domestic violence.

This warning was issued on Thursday when female police officers in Bulawayo held a march against gender-based violence (GBV).

The march was part of the Zimbabwe Republic Police’s 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.  During the march, the police also told the public how to protect young children.

Speaking on ways of minimising domestic violence, Bulawayo police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele said,   “Women, if you have side deals, if you’ve some miscellaneous that you’re doing on the phone just delete before you get home.

“We know you’ve rights to your phone and you’ve protection under the law but when you get home and you’re now two, and you’re being asked who Jack is, you already have conflict.

Our view as police is that prevention is better than cure. You’ll come to the police to report, but already you have been assaulted, or worse,” as per Zimlive.com.

However, the police’s advice for sneaky women to delete WhatsApp messages to prevent domestic violence was not received well.

Critics of the police’s messaging claimed that the police is both promoting infidelity and blaming the victims. The Zimbabwe Republic Police were also accused of being insincere in dealing with domestic violence cases.

Below are some Zimbabweans’ reactions on social media to the police advising sneaky women to delete WhatsApp messages and conceal evidence.


“My only problem is that, once again the responsibility is on women.  “She is urged not to go through her mens phone coz she will be hurt now she must also delete things on her phone coz she will get hurt.   “None of this addresses men’s anger issues.”


“So literally police is promoting infidelity by encouraging women to conceal evidence that could not only trigger violent reactions from their partners but also take away their settlement benefits in case of a divorce.”


“WHAT. TF. IS. THIS?!?! Y’all are not okay you can’t even do 16 days right… My goodness!!!”  However, some defended the police, claiming that their messaging was appropriate because it clearly highlighted one of the leading factors contributing to domestic violence.


“This message addresses 1 of the causes of GBV from those who deal with it. They know the causes, here they are, teaching the most affected gender from what they have observed. People are complaining. Police have facts; they are working with what they have. Please learn from them”


“People don’t understand kuti telling someone kuti sango iro rinemabhinya it doesn’t mean you don’t want to hold mabhinya accountable or that you are blaming the victim.”


“Bulawayo is one big bedroom” we say and laugh hard about! but when guys who deal with the violence that comes with the bedroom daily Give logical advice we complain again? since we celebrate the big bedroom and dont want to let it go best we take this simple logical advice.

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