Zim Love Doctor, Shadaya Says Female Brand Ambassadors Are Undercover Thigh Vendors

Socialite Shadhaya has once again taken his fans on another educational and entertaining ride, this time paying attention to allegations that the females chosen to be the faces of certain brands choose to sleep with the males within the hierarchy so that they guard their positions from dissolving.

He also delved into the media industry saying media personalities are using s_x as a ticket and permission to go for gigs.

Shadaya went on to cite evidence on why female personalities make it in life compared to their male contemporaries despite qualifications.

Taking to his socials, here is what he had to say:

“Let me steer some sh*t up, the word brand ambassador has long lost it’s meaning in the Zim entertainment industry, it’s now simply veiled prost!tut!on. Anytime you hear one of these dubious celebs is now representing so n so brand, best believe it, sh£ got fxcked for it…

Yes even those big dubious celebs, that’s how they’re rolling, it’s now a well known fact, before you put pen to paper, you put pxssy to pen!s. They can’t even deny this, there’s proof, from the most annoying ones to the fake humble ones to the beautiful ones, same script…

Media personalities fxcking from the HR to the CEO just so they can get a gig. Socialites doing more than socialising so they can get a gig. The whole industry is a mess right now, nothing is being earned on merit of talent, qualifications or perfomance, just bedroom vibes…

Think about this, if someone as talented & as followed as Comic Pastor isn’t getting those lucrative contracts that he has to end up migrating (not so sure about that) yet someone who’s the exact opposite of that is getting the contracts, does it make sense?

And this isn’t me speaking out of h8tred but concern for the entire industry, when you reward undeserving people over real talent. It says a lot about the brands in Zim, they’re managed by unprofessional horny idi0ts. And it’s k!lling the whole entertainment industry…

We can’t have a sustainable entertainment industry that depends on s£xual shenanigans & polit!cal patronage. There’s need for a radical change, we can’t be in a situation that the only time these brands realise real talent is when pitching up for funerals. F that shit. My 2 cents”

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