Zim Giant Who Wears Size 23 Shoe Now Admitted To A Mental Institution

Calvin Moyo, a 21-year-old Zimbabwean man often referred to as “giant” due to his unusual height, has been admitted to Ingutsheni Psychiatric Central Hospital in Bulawayo.

Calvin’s mother, Sifiso Moyo, told The Sunday News that he has been getting aggressive and hallucinating and there are fears that he may harm those around him. Said Moyo:

Calvin is getting worse, it looks like this has now affected his mental well-being, we took him to Mpilo Central Hospital where he was referred to Ingutsheni Hospital.

He is not well at all, the doctors told us that there are some drugs he was supposed to get for the fits that he experiences and that he should have started taking them in February but because he could not get them, he keeps getting the fits and this may have caused the challenges he is experiencing now. There is hope that if he gets them, he will be better.

On Tuesday he was violent and wanted to beat up people, he had started on Monday night, he did not sleep at all and was saying there were people who were beating him up and trying to remove his intestines from his stomach.

He was no longer coherent and kept getting worse. He even started to attack people. He was especially violent with little children as he was saying they were the ones who were “hurting” him.

Moyo is now seeking financial assistance to buy Calvin’s medication which was prescribed by the doctor who volunteered to treat him and assess his condition.

She said Calvin was told to buy medication which must be taken twice weekly for three months which costs US$68 for a month’s supply and US$1 494 for another drug supply for three months. Said Moyo:

I need funds to source the medication for the fits and I have run out of money, I paid for some of the things that were needed when he initially went to the hospital last week and now, I have run out of money, the little that I had that was for purchasing the wares I sell, was all used up and now I have nothing.

In August, Calvin fell into a fire and suffered serious burns while he was in Esiphezini and had to be admitted to Mpilo Central Hospital.

The Sunday News reported that Calvin was born a normal child and only started growing excessively at about 16 years after completing his Ordinary Levels.

“Giant” now stands at over 2.1 metres tall, 130kg in weight, and wears a size 23 shoe.

Those willing to assist, please contact Ms. Sifiso Moyo on 0782852897 or The Sunday News.

-Pindula News-


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