Zim Ballot Paper Mistake: ANC Logo On Malema’s Face Shocks The World

Zimbabwe’s ballot paper mistake was likened to having an ANC logo in the same line as Malema’s face.

Zimbabweans are busy casting votes to choose their leaders for the next five years.

It’s been a tough past five years as they continue to watch the economy deteriorating.

When they got to elections, they faced shocking mistakes by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

They printed ballot papers with serious mistakes that made the whole World mute.

This led many people to declare this year’s election null and void as some delays continue beyond mid-day.

Savior Kazukuwere shared the picture of the mistaken ballot paper on his Twitter account.

He was denied to participate as a Presidential candidate by the courts.

He had few words to say but only hashtagged the ZEC Chairperson Chigumba.


His post shocked the World as the picture went viral on Facebook.

In trying to make South Africans understand, other people said it was like a situation where an ANC logo is put on Malema’s face.

“Zimbabwe election ballot paper – what it means there is like having an ANC logo on Malema’s face; there is no way Zimbabwe is going to be free or at least sane”

Many people were shocked after Saviour Kasukuwere shared the picture of Zimbabwe’s ballot paper mistake.

“You think we are blind to see that the paper has 2 textures. Photoshopping iyo nxaaaa hautonyare imbwa iwe”

“The biggest problem in zim is that Zanu and Zec have no shame whatsoever.. what is this”

“Budiriro is yet to commence voting sad sad”

“Can you show Mostaledi so he can extend the permits for Zimbabweans in SA another 5yrs.Zanu is still in power for another term”

“Chigumba must be a member of FAZ, she is beyond redemption. If you tell someone that this lady is a High Court judge that person will never believe you 🙌”

-South Africa-


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