“You Can Use It For Life” – Viral Video Of Iron Shoes Amuses Netizens

Just when you think creativity in fashion couldn’t get crazier, a video of a pair of iron shoes pops up on your timeline.TikToker, @minimumio left many people cracking up with laughter after posting a video of a pair of iron shoes.

The footwear, which appears to have been locally wielded, took on a rusty look and even featured laces.

Check out the video below:

Those who have watched the video are dropping hilarious comments about the iron shoe.

Check them out below:


“The design is very human.”


“That’s a good safety shoe.”


“These are used to Train Bandits and boko haram.”


“Dont let the current r lightning catch u in them.”


“Air Force one 2023 model.”

Clibo Van Savage:

“They used these shoes in Mad Max.”


“You can use these shoes for the rest of your life.”


“I need a pair for my younger brother. That one is a problem.”

Love Lock:

“How can your feet freely relax in it…it can cause sore.”

Muktar Wadhanole:

“And someone will use it.”

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