World’s Tallest Woman Says She Has To Book Six Seats To Fly

The tallest woman in the world had to have six rows of seats removed so she could fly on a plane.  Rumeysa Gelgi, from Turkey, stands at 7ft 0.7ins tall and until last year had never taken a flight anywhere.

When she was just four months old, Rumeysa was diagnosed with a condition called Weaver Syndrome, which affects around 50 people in the world and causes excessive bone growth.  By the time she was six, she stood at 5ft 8ins tall, towering over children her age.

The condition has led to her developing a number of health conditions, including a heart defect. Rumeysa flew on her first plane recently.

Rumeysa also has scoliosis, which causes a curvature of the spine and makes it very difficult for her to sit down for prolonged periods of time – making air travel almost impossible.

Speaking to 7News, Rumeysa said: “I have rods and screws in my spine so I can’t sit upright for longer than two or three hours.  “I’m over 7 foot so it’s a lot of pressure on my spine. I always wanted to go to America, to work as a web developer in Silicon Valley, but California is a 14-hour flight.”

But her dream was made a reality when Turkish Airlines let her book out six rows of seats so she could lie down the entire way.”It was the first time it had been done for a commercial reason,” Rumeysa said.

“Everyone was so kind. I did get some looks but other passengers came over to check I was ok and I really enjoyed my flight.”  She added: “I understand people are curious about me but as long as the stares aren’t too long it’s ok.”  In a post to her Instagram account, she said: “A flawless journey from start to finish.

There are so many people I have to thank.. @turkishairlines officials and staff, @igairport staff, @airclinic team, all cabin personnel, especially our cabin chief, @flysfo officers and medical team, customs police and many other departments that I can’t count.


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