Woman Suspected To Be A Witch Caught Naked In Shop

In a suspected case of witchcraft,a Zimbabwean woman has been caught stark in a shop whilst in her birthday suit in Chingome, Bocha.

Her confessions confirmed the superstitious act.

From the story trending on social media, Afrogazette learnt that the woman whose name could not be established confessed that she is from Buhera.

As expected, scores of stunned people from the village gathered to see the drama unfolding.

Fortunately, a good Samaritan offered her a cloth to cover self although it did not fully achieve its purpose.

According to an eyewitness, upon further confession she revealed that she had 14 other accomplices who dumped her prior to an argument over a position in their ‘world’.

They pushed her off a winnowing basket resulting in her falling into the shop.

“Muroyi wamuka ari mushop paChingome kuBocha. Paazobvunzwa wataure kuti ngewe kuBuhera. Wati iye vanga vari 14 murusero ndokubva vaita gakava pamusoro pema shares izvo zvazotuma kuti iye asundidzirwe kunze kwerusero. Paapushwa ndoo paadonhera mushop.”

According to reports, preparations were underway to accompany the woman to her place of residence.

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