Woman Sparks Debate After Sharing Her Theory On Exactly What Time A Man Will Choose To Get Married

A woman has sparked debate after suggesting she knows exactly what time men choose to get married and it has nothing to do with how ‘in love’ they are with someone.

Taylor Herd, who goes by @Taytalkspod on TikTok, went viral after sharing the ‘theory’ she heard from a wedding photographer.’

Ever since I heard this theory, I cannot get it out of my mind,’ she started the video. ‘Men marry the woman in front of them at the time they are ready to get married.  ‘Let’s talk about it.’

The blunt statement was followed with a story straight from the mouth of the photographer.

‘She’s obviously been at a lot of weddings, and she observed that the men were marrying the woman in front of them at the time they were ready to get married, implying that that wasn’t necessarily that man’s soulmate or that man’s love of his life,’ Taylor said.

‘It was just the girl he was dating at the time he was ready to get married and settle down.  ‘When a man decides that he is financially and emotionally ready to settle down and ready to start a family, he takes a way different approach to dating.’

That part of his brain that thinks “oh wait, there’s another girl out there” shuts off, because now his focus is on marriage.  ‘It’s not on finding the next best thing.’

The notion struck a chord with a number of Taylor’s followers who were only too keen to agree with her.   ‘Applies to the men who lost that “one” girl who got away,’ one person wrote in the comments section.

‘Yes agree, and also the woman who is easy to deal with,’ said another.  ‘I’ve heard it and seen it. Ex literally married the next girl he dated after I ended things,’ another explained.

‘I asked why and he said, he’s going to be 30 soon.’Another added: ‘Yes and the woman who checks the boxes of what his family, religion, circle expect of him. He will reject the girl he loves if she doesn’t fit that.’  But not everyone was so convinced, with a number of men saying that’s not how they made their decision.   ‘I refuse. I will never marry a woman that I don’t know is the one,’ one man wrote.

‘I won’t even date a woman if my heart is with another.’  ‘Disagree completely. I waited until I found a partner worth building a life with,’ said another man.

A third said: ‘Disagree… this theory is from women who truly loved but refuse to realise that their man may have not loved them at that same level.’

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