Woman Slams Long-term Relationships, Says 5 Years With No Lobola is Like a Missed Call From a Private Number

One woman’s opinion about long-term relationships without any steps leading to marriage sparked some reactions among South African netizens recently.

Taking to Twitter, @_Siyamthanda_Z claimed that celebrating an anniversary of five years without lobola or any intentions on the man’s part to bring together the two families, was equivalent to receiving a missed call from a private number.

“Anniversary Ka 5 years without any lobolo noma nje ukvela ekhaya lomuntu ifana ne missed call Ka private number,” @_Siyamthanda_Z wrote in the tweet.

In this day and age getting married doesn’t take top priority for many young people. This could be for a number of reasons, ranging from trying to find the right person, financial challenges, focusing on their careers, healing their inner child, or simply not being interested in the concept of matrimony

Several netizens found the woman’s statement amusing, however, others didn’t take too kindly to it as they shared differing views on the matter.

@iam_lsmp said:

“Mncane kabi leyominyaka.”  @GomolemoSA_ suggested:

“Why don’t women initiate everything and pay lobola themselves akere they are hasty.”

@ShiloteW replied:

“Too many private number missed calls in the country .”

@TThe_Lion25 reacted:

“Ishu that hurt.”

@iammisstc commented:

“5 years issa lot.”

@MrMbulazi_SA wrote:

“They should go to Home Affairs.”

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