Woman Recorded Throwing Her Undergarment Into Relish Before Serving The Family

An unidentified woman has left social media users tongue-tied after she was secretly recorded throwing her undergarment into some stew before serving the meal.

In the video that has since gone viral, the woman is seen removing her red undergarment and throwing it into the pot before mixing and leaving it to simmer.

Shortly afterwards, a young girl is then seen approaching, and she hands her a basin where she puts some of the stew she mixed with the undergarment.

The video has since drawn a mixed bag of reactions.

One camp blames men for this act, alluding that she may be on a bid to keep her marriage alive.

Rue Mai VaMambokadzi

men taught us to be like this kkkk. handiti we are fighting for our mereji We want to celebrate 40 years in marriage ka and be counted amongst record breakers 🤣�🤣�🤣�🤣�

MaDube Bobinoe

Lol she is protecting her territory 😂�😂�❤️❤️Love should be natural bafazi hayi uthandwe ngendaba yempande lezigodo

While a different camp found nothing odd, saying some men voluntarily perform oral sex on women.

Nkosi Phindani

it’s only bad nxa ukudla kuzodliwa yimuli yonke otherwise most of man eat that thing voluntarily.

Cornelius Wendel Joseph

Things like that happen in the C,aribbean, we even had a song about it. I am not surprise.  Baleni Ndlovu A lot more than this used to happen b4 social media. Life was good then.

Princess Caroline Tembo So the panties that you cook are the ones you wore in the morning or overnight 🤔� asking for my neighbor 🤣�🤣�🤣�🤣�🤣�🤣�🤣�🤣�🤣�

Greatman Mkwebults

real ,liqiniso omama bayakwenza lokhu.Kanti omama Laba abama ematoilets abomama ngezikhwanyana bathengisani ngoba uzwa ma udlula uzwe bethi kubomama singakunceda ngani later ubona umama ephuma ehlohla okuyinto okuboshwe ngeplastic kwabalifindonyana okuletha izinsolo zokuthi kungenzeka yimithi yokudlisa amadoda ledayiselwa emapublic toilets

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