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Woman pours water on hubby’s work machines

A man approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order against his wife.


Jesnine Nhapu accused his wife, Rumbidzai Nyakonda, of violence, assault and pouring water on his machines.


“She insulted the school I had a contract with and threatened to destroy the projects it did with me.


“She then poured water on my machines. I’m afraid to meet her in public as she might assault me like she did last time.


“I do not want to see her at my workplace, even as a customer,” said Jesnine.


Rumbidzai opposed the application saying if granted, it would bar her from services that she needs.


“I last went to his workplace in 2021 and that was the last time we had violence. He moved out of our matrimonial house on October 16.


“So, I wanted to know since he moved out what is he going to do with his child. I want the property that we bought together which he has,” said Rumbidzai.


Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted Jesnine the protection order and advised Rumbidzai to approach the Maintenance Court for assistance on child welfare. H Metro


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