Woman Kicks Out Boyfriend After Husband Who Left Home 17 Years Ago Returns

A woman in Kakamega county has send her lover away after her estranged husband returned home after 17 years.

Agripina Mulupi from Lurambi had not anticipated the return of her husband on Wednesday morning.

At around 9 am, she saw a tuk-tuk drive into her compound not knowing what was will happen next will take her 17 years back.

“When the tuk tuk stopped I saw my in-law alight alongside my husband,” Mulupi said.

Mulupi said the entire family was happy to receive Boniface Moi Muyeshi who left home in 2006 for Nairobi.

She said her children were delighted to know that their father is still alive.

“As a single mother I also had to play a father’s role,” she said.

Mulupi praised God for the return of her husband noting that she had lost all hope that he would ever return home.

“I stayed alone for almost five years before I thought to myself that I had endured the loneliness long enough. I could not continue any longer,” she said.

At first, her family did not want to see any other man close to her. But eventually, she got someone to keep her warm.

“But the new man was not Kenyan. He was Rwandese. He would help me and pay school fees for my children. His name is John,” she said.

Mulupi said John took up all the manly roles and they even sired one child together.

“I sat with him down and explained that it was in his best interest to leave as the owner of the home is back. I told John we have to respect my husband because this is his home,” Mulupi said.

However, she acknowledges that she did not chase John immediately. Mulupi said she gave him a few days to get his affairs in order before leaving.

Mulupi said since they have a child with John, they agreed on co-parenting since she is aware Boniface cannot accept to provide for a child he did not sire.

“John agreed that he would take care of his child. He said even when my other children with Boniface lack anything, he will still provide for them,” she said.




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