Woman Files For Divorce After Finding Out Husband Kept Lottery Winnings A Secret & Spent It On Ex

“Hell has no fury like a woman scorned” is a term many are familiar with.  But in this instance, it perfectly described how a woman went to great lengths to ensure she got her own back.

According to the Daily Mail, a Chinese man kept his multimillion lottery winnings a secret from his wife for two years.  The publication reported that the man, who goes by the surname Zhou, won a staggering 10 million yuan (about R26m) in 2021.

Instead of sharing his wealth with his wife, he kept his winnings under wraps.you think that’s shady, you haven’t read the best part.  After receiving his payment, Zhou transferred 2 million yuan to his sister, and 700 000 yuan to his ex-wife so that she could buy a flat.

With all that cash, he was going to be found out eventually. And that’s exactly what happened, although the court papers didn’t reveal how his wife found out about his fortune.

The minute she did, she filed for divorce and sued him for two-thirds of his winnings.  According to start-up publication NextShark, under Chinese law, the concealment of money is considered embezzlement and women are entitled to half their husband’s money.

But because Zhou went to such extreme lengths to hide his fortune, she argued that she deserved more.  Siding with his now-ex-wife, a court in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, ruled that he had to reimburse her for 2.7 million yuan.

The case caused widespread debate in China, with many taking to online platform Douyin to voice their opinions, NextShark reported.“

The 10 million yuan prize has only deepened the rift between these two people,” commented one online user.

Another said: “He used the couple’s common property to buy a lottery ticket and won the top prize. He wanted to enjoy it alone (after receiving the prize)?”

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