Woman Faked Her Own Death To Get Boyfriend’s Attention

A woman called Makhosazana Cynthia Mabuza baffled South Africans on Twitter when she revealed that she faked her own death back in March 2019 when her boyfriend didn’t speak to her for 48 hours.

The woman Makhosazana Cynthia Mabuza with the Twitter handle @KhoceeMabuza added that she faked her own death by designing a memorial service pamphlet and shared the pamphlet with her boyfriend to get his attention.

“I remember designing a memorial service invitation yami and posting it on WhatsApp for him to view alone only to get his attention because we fought and he hadn’t called me for two days. I’m glad I’m not that person anymore.”

She also shared the memorial service pamphlet with her face on it, which also reveals that the service “was held back on 6 March 2019’.  It unclear if the woman and her boyfriend are still together or whether she eventually told him the truth.

Another woman @Kamadlokovu5 revealed that she faked a pregnancy and that the man’s family also paid damages when they found out.

@kaMaDlokovu5: “I faked a pregnancy and they paid for damages. I know I’m in trouble when I die with my ancestors.”

Tweeps couldn’t get over Makhosazana Cynthia Mabuza’s confession and were more puzzled by the Bible verse on the fake memorial service. The tweet went viral with over 3000 likes, over 800 retweets, and over 600 quote tweets.

@EbonyNgema:  “Yuh angels, this is too much. It’s crazy. I wonder what happened after.”

@RealManKev:  “Lol, I’m interested to know what happened after that women are different kinds of the breed.”

@iijolakazi_m:  “Did she at least get what she wanted?”

@Buhlendlangama1:  “It’s called DENIAL PHASE he/ she’s not into you.”

@thokosithando:  “No no Cynthia what type is f craziness is this.”

@Mandisa11872292:  “Can’t believe I wanna do this to my future husband.”

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