Witchcraft Prank Leaves Scared Students Running For Their Lives In Viral Video

An epic vodou prank made people’s days after it popped up on their TikTok timelines. One man @aeovlogz pulled off the hoax outside an SA school on a bunch of school children.

The man pretended like he was practising witchcraft and needed to sacrifice one of the students.

As he tried to grab one of them outside the school premises they started running in different directions.

The chaotic TikTok video got 1.4 million views in two days and is circulating fast on other social media platforms.

People loved how believable the prank was and the student’s fear was horror movie worthy.

Watch the TikTok video below:

The majority of viewers enjoyed the prank but some said it could have ended badly when they saw the kids fleeing on the busy street with many cars passing by.

@miguelbae16 said:

“It’s a funny prank but it’s dangerous at the same time because if those children run to the road and there’s a car coming.”

@tshireletsob5 wrote:

“I trust my legs to disappoint me if this prank was done on me.”

@kganya.aa1 mentioned:

“Yoh I’d cry 40 days and 40 nights.”

@ledimo10542 asked:

“Did anyone see that lady who was ready to throw a stone?”

@nkateko1452 stated:

“Honestly I’d cry if you chased me instead of my homies.”

@londiwe_smomo posted:

“I haven’t laughed so hard in a while.”

@o5aru added:

“The girl pleaded.”

@astum7 posted:

“This is wholesome content right here.”

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