Witch Doctor Behind 2 Women Attacked by Swarm Of Bees Unveiled

In a bizarre incident that took place in Kitengela town, Kenya, two women were spotted with a swarm of bees around their faces and hands. This unusual sight was part of a witch doctor’s intervention to bring the women to justice after they were allegedly involved in a robbery.


According to reports, the two women were carrying a significant sum of money, claiming to be part of a larger amount they had reportedly stolen from another woman while on a Kitengela-bound bus on September 27, 2023. Carrying Shs80,000 out of the Shs100,000 they allegedly stole, they were on a mission to find the house of the woman they had targeted.


The witch doctor, known as Daktari Waswa, shared insights into this incident. Speaking on Eve Mungai’s channel on Wednesday, he revealed that the women had been under the effect of his ritual for several days before the bees swarmed around them.

“Mimi ndiye yule daktari ambaye alifanya wale wasichana wakaweza kunaswa na wale nyuki. Najiita Daktari Waswa. Mara nyingi mi hukaa Kenya upande wa Uasin Gishu ama Western, lakini mimi si Mkenya. Mimi ni Mganda,” he said.


(Translation: “I am the witch doctor who made the bees attack those girls. I am called Daktari Waswa. I often stay in Kenya on the side of Uasin Gishu or Western, but I am not Kenyan. I am Ugandan.”)


The ritual was a complex process initiated on September 27 and concluded a few days later, leading to the women being apprehended.


It is important to note that the use of witchcraft to solve crimes is not uncommon in Kenya, but it is important to remember that there is no scientific evidence to support its effectiveness. Agencies

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