Wife Mentions Another Man’s Name While Doing Thlof Thlof

An anonymous man has revealed that his wife moans another man’s name, Alex in her sleep, leaving him worried she may be involved in a spiritual marriage.

Speaking during a confession segment on Accra-based TV3 show on Saturday, April 1, the man said although he does not want to confront his wife about ch£ating, the situation is confusing him.

“My wife always moans another man’s name, Alex in her sleep. It has happened twice and it leaves me worried as to whether she is battling with spiritual marriage,” he said.

The man noted that the way his wife moans while having s£x with him is exactly the same way she moans the other man’s name in her dreams. His problem too is that his wife has never mentioned his name in such fantasies.

“No, she hasn’t,” the man replied when asked if his name has come up.

He said he is now struggling with his wife’s strange fantasies, leaving his marriage in turmoil.

But according to the man, the marriage was one of the best anyone could ever pray for before the emergence of the unimaginable “s£x” dream.



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