WATCH; Zimbabwean nationals hide in water tank as they escape to South Africa [video]

In a daring escape that unfolded at the Beitbridge Border Post, some Zimbabwean immigrants hid and entered South Africa while inside water tanks.

The video depicts five men hiding within a 5000-litre water tank as they attempted to enter South Africa from Zimbabwe. The footage suggests that they were evading the authorities by concealing themselves within the water tank at the border.

After the authorities left the scene, one man opened the water tank to allow the five to come out and continue their journey. Others waiting in queue were laughing at the unconventional hiding spot, while one person encouraged the concealed individuals to exit as the police had departed. Some even hid within nearby tires.

The last man had problems exiting the water tank. He seemed bigger for the opening at the top. Those nearby decided to lay the tank on its side to help him. Fortunately, the man managed to slip out of the tank just in time, avoiding further complications.

This daring episode underscores the continuous issue of illegal border crossings, particularly at the Beitbridge border post, which connects South Africa and Zimbabwe. Beitbridge is one of Africa’s busiest land border posts and is frequently used by individuals seeking economic opportunities or asylum.

Mzansi Unimpressed

South Africans online had mixed sentiments about the Zimbabwean immigrants illegally entering South Africa.


“Remember Julius said to find any “CREATIVE WAY”


“This is a great risk.”


“Crocodile’s mouths are now too small. New strategy. 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️”


“How poor is our border management to not pick up on this for it to become a new strategy or for them to think it would work?”

On 5 October, President Cyril Ramaphosa established a new Border Management Authority (BMA) to improve the security and efficiency of its borders. The BMA is a single authority that integrates the functions and roles of various state organs previously involved in border management, such as the Department of Home Affairs, the South African Revenue Service, the South African National Defence Force, and the State Security Agency.


The BMA’s main objectives are to facilitate the lawful movement of people and goods across the borders, prevent and combat cross-border crime, protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and contribute to social and economic development. iHarare

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